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Welcome to the World Task Force forum! This is the hub of where all matters regarding the WTF alliance in Politics and War take place. Whether it be making important alliance decisions, discussing the current events of Orbis and how that affects WTF, or just partaking in general shenanigans, this is where all things World Task Force happens.

What is the World Task Force?
The World Task Force is a collection of nations that believe in a common goal and purpose. Every member of WTF has an equal say in alliance decisions and discussions. At our core, we are a peaceful alliance committed to unity and growth. If you are a nation that likes to raid others, then WTF is not for you. However, don't let our good nature fool you. If one of our members is attacked without cause, we will retaliate with whatever means necessary. When it comes to defending fellow WTFers, pixels mean nothing to us.
Why Join WTF?
We are more than an alliance, we are a community. Our main goal is to grow in a fun, peaceful environment and to protect our members at whatever the cost. WTF is a very tight group of nations that are always willing to extend a helping hand, whether it be providing suggestions on how to improve your nation or going to battle in your defense. Every member has an equal say and is welcome to propose new ideas and thoughts. Now, a lot of alliances say this, but we are a direct democracy! Every major alliance decision is voted on and whatever option has the most votes wins, no matter what. If you aren't sold on us yet, then listen to this; we also have an unlimited supply of beer....and I mean unlimited, all you can drink, ice cold, crisp, refreshing, beautiful beer!  Beer
How to Become a Member?
1. Visit our alliance page (click here) and click the Join button.
2. Create an account on this forum to unlock the application thread.
3. Fill out the application (takes about 2-3 minutes). Once approved, the full forum will unlock.
If you have any trouble with the application process, message Nintendo in-game.

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