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Posted by: Nintendo - 11-07-2016, 07:46 PM - Forum: About the World Task Force
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Posted by: Nintendo - 06-18-2016, 07:27 AM - Forum: About the World Task Force
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Welcome to the World Task Force forum! This is the hub of where all matters regarding the WTF alliance in Politics and War take place. Whether it be making important alliance decisions, discussing the current events of Orbis and how that affects WTF, or just partaking in general shenanigans, this is where all things World Task Force happens.

What is the World Task Force?
The World Task Force is a collection of nations that believe in a common goal and purpose. Every member of WTF has an equal say in alliance decisions and discussions. At our core, we are a peaceful alliance committed to unity and growth. If you are a nation that likes to raid others, then WTF is not for you. However, don't let our good nature fool you. If one of our members is attacked without cause, we will retaliate with whatever means necessary. When it comes to defending fellow WTFers, pixels mean nothing to us.
Why Join WTF?
We are more than an alliance, we are a community. Our main goal is to grow in a fun, peaceful environment and to protect our members at whatever the cost. WTF is a very tight group of nations that are always willing to extend a helping hand, whether it be providing suggestions on how to improve your nation or going to battle in your defense. Every member has an equal say and is welcome to propose new ideas and thoughts. Now, a lot of alliances say this, but we are a direct democracy! Every major alliance decision is voted on and whatever option has the most votes wins, no matter what. If you aren't sold on us yet, then listen to this; we also have an unlimited supply of beer....and I mean unlimited, all you can drink, ice cold, crisp, refreshing, beautiful beer!  Beer
How to Become a Member?
1. Visit our alliance page (click here) and click the Join button.
2. Create an account on this forum to unlock the application thread.
3. Fill out the application (takes about 2-3 minutes). Once approved, the full forum will unlock.
If you have any trouble with the application process, message Nintendo in-game.

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Posted by: Nintendo - 12-05-2015, 11:34 AM - Forum: About the World Task Force
[Image: RuSwJ83.png][Image: NubZyBx.png]

The Trail to Perfection

A sea of Roses. A land of WTFers. Paradise that so few get to visit. To find it, you must travel far and wide. Through the valley of sun and sand you must walk. Over the mountain tops of rock and snow you must climb. Through the caves of darkness and despair you must navigate. However, when the end of the journey is reached....a treasure greater than imagined is achieved.

Two friends set out on the journey of a lifetime in search of a place that could be called perfection. A utopia that defies everything ever imagined. Through the sea of sands and valley of rocks they marched. What they found....was unbelievable.
Article 1: Respect
We are all friends here. Respect and sovereignty reign supreme.
Article 2: Peace
Many fight to determine who is right and who is wrong. Never even trying to compromise or come to an understanding. Not here. Peaceful resolution is the best solution. Hell, we'll even invite you to Beer Falls when all is said and done!

Article 3: Knowledge
Books are only half the battle in the quest to full understanding. Communication is key. When someone learns of possible foul play afoot, we share it with our friends.

Article 4: Backup
Sometimes a fool makes their way into our peaceful midst. They tend to be unreasonable and naive. If someone is attacked, help is always appreciated.

Article 5: War
Every once in awhile a common enemy comes into the fold, where talks only go so far and compromise will never happen. Over a round of shots, maybe a cigar or two and agreement from both, operation enemy extinction will begin.

Article 6: Raiders
Some enemies know not what they do. They think raiding is a means of living. When one gets raided here, the other may jump to his defense.

Article 7: Exit
If the sounds of the open trail come calling once again, you are free to go on your way. All we ask is 72 hours notice before your new journey begins.

Signed for WTF:
Nintendo of Nintendo Land
Fiadon Clevae of Farhaven
Ajax of Sybaris
Mahas of Fromm
Keith Abela-Wadge of SuplexCity
joseph of bird land
Joe Baker of Felandia
Globoid of Quernia
Fenthal of Coccoland
Celestia Morningstar of the UEqP
RADtx of Radland

Signed for Rose:
Emperor - Caillou
Regent - Belisarius
Lord of Economics - Oblige
Lord of War - Krillian
Lord of Foreign Affairs - Abbas Mehdi 
Lord of Internal Affairs - Adama
Kimmy - Kimmy

TL;DR: It's an ODOAP.
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Posted by: Fiadon Clevae - 08-09-2015, 12:25 PM - Forum: About the World Task Force
[Image: RuSwJ83.png][Image: EfL6uHA.jpg]


Fark was sitting alone at a table in a bar, he looked somewhat lonely. It was clear to WTF what he must do. WTF walks up to Fark and says “Hey, want a drink?”. They sit down for a bit and shoot the shit with one another. WTF reaches into his pocket and scribbles on a piece of paper:

It's a rough world out there, lots of dangerous people, it's best not to go alone. That's why Fark and the World Task Force have sought each other out, as friends, beer buddies and bros.
Rule 1: Sovereignty and respect
You got to recognize and respect the sovereignty of each other, disrespect ain't cool.
Rule 2: Peace, bro
While other pubbies may be stupid enough to try and fight out their problems, we're friends and don't do that. We've got to sort out our problems peacefully.

Rule 3: Intel and info
If either buddy finds out some information that could end up with the other buddy being hurt, make sure to tell them, it's only fair.

Rule 4: Backup
If your buddy is attacked, it'd be appreciated to have some backup, but it's not required.

Rule 5: War
Every once in awhile a common enemy takes the stage, where talks only go so far. Over a round of shots and agreement from both buds, enemy removal will commence.

Rule 6: Pest removal
There's a lot of pests in this bar, some people call them “raiders.” Both buddies agree to help out with pest removal when they choose to.

Rule 7: Breakup
If you don't want to be friends no more, just give a buddy some time to adjust, 72 hours to be exact.

Signed for WTF:
Nintendo of Nintendo Land
Fiadon Clevae of Farhaven
Joe Baker of Felandia
Celestia Morningstar of the UEqP
Fenthal of Coccoland
RADtx of Radland
Keith Abela-Wadge from Suplex City
joseph of bird land

Signed for Fark:
rollo- Head of FA
Phaik - Head of IA
Bozzie - Head of War

TL;DR: It's an ODOAP.
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